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Tingsha Meditation Chimes with Case | Meditate&Zen


Meditation Chimes

Handmade Tibetan Tingsha Bells with Om, Lucky Cloud, or Mantra Engraving

Authentic Meditation Cymbals with Case. 

Meditation Sound Healing. 

Hand Chimes are perfect for the beginning and ending of a powerful meditation experience.  

Meditation Chime Details

Production process: Hand forging and Engraving

Material: Made from Himalayan Metals

Diameter: 6.5cm-9cm (3.2in-4.0in)

Weight: 200g-550g (10.6oz - 17.6oz)

Package Include: 1 Tingsha Bell Set

Free Bonus Gift: 1 Hand-Embroidered Case


Tingsha Meditation Chimes with Case | Meditate&Zen

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